Student Learning Dairy

We care for our students and we are thrilled to see their growth step by step.

RnnL is a big family, like-minded friends walking together. We share the joy of dance and create the best memories for each other.



纽约舞蹈工作室 纽约表演队 纽约哪里学街舞 韩舞 Dance team NYC 曼哈顿舞蹈室

LuminoCity Festival

Jazz Night

Cosplay Night

Kpop Night

​Christmas Night

EDM Night

Street Style Night

RnnL Crew 作为唯一一支Lumiocity华人演出团队将亚洲文化带入当地,推向世界。


RnnL Dance Showcase, 华人在纽约登上国际舞台,纽约哪里学街舞跳舞韩舞,

​RnnL Dance Showcase 2019




​原创舞蹈 + 童年记忆


80+ RnnL dancers




纽约华人街舞社 纽约哪里学街舞 曼哈顿街舞 韩舞 RnnL Dance 纽约最潮舞蹈达人

UCBA Seasonal Final Cheerleader

Barclay is not only the home filed of basketball players, but also our our show stage.


纽约舞蹈教室 纽约学街舞 韩舞 曼哈顿舞蹈队 华人表演团队 纽约玩啥哟 纽约打卡胜地

3rd Year Anniversary

Street Style Worskop

Officially Missing You--Choreography by Rong


纽约街舞 纽约舞蹈室 纽约学韩舞 曼哈顿街舞社 纽约华人表演队 纽约RnnL Dance


受到孟美岐虎扑水电站的邀请一起参加孟美岐新歌《I Like You》的上头舞挑战!打卡了纽约地标Vessel and Time Square!  

500 8th Ave/519 8th Ave

New York, NY 10018

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