Virtual Class

(Week of May 18)

Yonce by Blackpink

Time: Mon 8:00-9:00pm

Level: Advanced Beginner Jazzfunk

Ddu-du Ddu-du by Blackpink

Time: Wed 8:00-9:00pm

Level: Beginner Kpop

情人 by 青春有你2

Time: Fri 8:00--9:00pm

Level: Beginner Cpop

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Jazzfunk Fundamental

Time: Thu 7:00--8:30pm

Session: 1 Classes

Level: Absolute Beginner Jazzfunk


Virtual Class: $13/hr

Regular Single Course: 


​Membership Packages:

$180/10-hr (Org. $200)

Expires 3 Months from First Class Date

 $480/30-hr (Org.$600)

Expires 6 Months from First Class Date


​*We also offer small group/private classes, dance choreography and rehearsal for special occasions such as weddings, corporate events, commercial performances, etc. Please contact us for more details:

Membership Package Policies:

1.Membership Packages cannot be refunded once purchased. 

2.Membership Packages can be extended for $10 for 30 days starting from the first class date. 

3.Members will receive one free class hour for every new member referral.

4.Unexpired classes in Membership Packages are not transferrable. Membership cannot be shared. 


RnnL Dance LLC reserve the right of final explanation. 


RnnL Instructors


​RnnL Co-Founder

RnnL Producer, Director, Chief Director of the Stage.

Directed numerous dance works and Showcases, commercial performances, etc. Devoted to dance education for years, especially good at guiding fresh students to explore their full potential. 

Lynn was a core member of the cheer-leading team for CBA Shanghai Men's Basketball Team. She also starred in the 2008 Olympic Game and the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO.

Expert in - Jazzfunk, Heels


RnnL Co-Founder

RnnL Producer, Director, Chief Director of the Stage.

Directed numerous dance works and Showcases, commercial performances, etc. Proficient in choreography. Dedicated to the integration of Hip Hop and Chinese Folk Dance in order to create unique Chinese style street dance.

Learned from the Broadway Dance Center in New York, Rong once danced for Selina on the New Year's Eve concert in Time Square.

Expert in - Hip Pop, C-pop


Reiko has 10+ years of experience with street dance, including Jazz Funk, Hip-hop, Dance Hall and House.

Reiko is an active member of Harmonyc Movement, a NYC-based K-pop dance cover group with over 37k YouTube followers.

Her style is mainly Jazz Funk and girl style but she also focuses on Hip-hop foundations and grooves. She enjoys very much dancing in NYC and hopes to bring dance culture to more people.



毕业于沈阳⾳乐学院舞蹈学院,2014年开始驻美国纽约并与来⾃世界各地的艺术家们交流创作,曾在美国林肯艺术中⼼, 纽约92Y哈克尼斯舞蹈中⼼, 纽约GKA艺术中⼼, 百老汇Play house等剧场演出;并受邀于2017时代广场跨年倒计时开幕式演出舞者;

他主要专注在舞蹈运动的放松技术和⼈体身⼼学、运动学、及身⼼治疗学方面,潜⼼钻研关于接触即兴和创意舞蹈的开发, 从而积累成一套自⼰独特的创意运动治疗⽅式。


Franklin began dance at a relatively late age. Training 3 hours a day, a new world started to open up to him. 16 years later, Franklin has trained and taught numerous dance studios and workshops.  He continues to compete at a national and international level with one of the top NYC crews, The Obsessions, models with Prestigious models, and operates his own dance studio, WondrousNYC.


毕业于凯斯西储大学舞蹈艺术硕士,主攻hip hop, 曾于凯斯西储大学、宾州州立大学、广东华南理工大学任教,教授各级别hip hop, jazz, modern dance课程,为美国Mark Morris dance group, 荷兰De Kiss Moves及广州Focus等专业舞团舞者, 在中国及美国多次获得街舞及现代舞舞蹈大奖。


started off as one of the very first RNNL members and embraced a new world of

dance from then on. Luyan has experience with Jazz Funk, Heels,

Hip-hop, K-pop, as well as exposure to House and Waacking.

She has been RNNL

showcases’ lead dancer and team leader, a member of RNNL official Dance Crew, and

an active performer of UCBA Finals at Barclays Center, as well as various shows

and events.


Boston University dance minor, training including Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz

Boston University Dance Theater Group / Verge Dance Company performer 

多次受邀参与校内外演出如Arlington Film Festival, MIT舞会,哈佛中秋晚会等


500 8th Ave/519 8th Ave

New York, NY 10018

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